The price for a revision / service for a Lemania 5100 movement is € 280 VAT included. *


Prices for Overhaul / Service from other Watches / Movements gladly on request.


  *  The revision includes the repair or the exchange of all necessary wearing parts -without surcharge- expect balance & Platines, of a completely not rusted movement.

If you want us to repair a movement with a balance , platines , water damage or an incomplete movement, we will be glad to compile a no obligation quote for you.  

We reserve a right to compile a no obligation quote if the movement is highly damaged, badly worn

or ‘heavily tinkered/ modified‘.

Furthermore we would like to point out that revisions do not include case-works such as pushers, watch crowns, watch-glass and so forth. Referring to this we would like to offer you a no obligation quote as well, according to the manufacturer and the availability. The same applies to damaged hands. Experience has shown that for this purpose prices may differ vastly,

because some original spare parts are difficult to precure.


We ask for your understanding that older watches / movements despite overhaul

no longer expect the transition results from a new watch.


Inside Germany we can ship your Watch Back to you with UPS fund transport cost : € 20 VAT included.

Inside the European Union shipping Cos with UPS fund transport : 50€.


Please note that our Service is only available in the European Union .


We dont have any Lemania Spare Parts to sale, execpt we shown these in our Online-Shop


To determine the price for a revision or a repair of other movements / watches , we would need the clock in-house to cost out a fair price for you.

We would be delighted in making you a favourable offer.


Payment methods:

Advance payment by bank transfer to our account, payment in cash or use the

PAYPAL BOX you see below :