The native Offenbacher & owner (Hubert & Robert Hess) of the Traditional Specialty store

"Hess Juwelier & Uhrmacher" are now for about 20 years in Frankfurt area

known in the Watches & Jewelry industry.

Selling & service was and is a lot of emphasis on quality products,

mostly fine German and Swiss Watches & Jewellery manufacturer.

Europeanwide asked is also the specialized watch service for no longer produced

Lemania Military Vintage Chronograph - watches and movements as well as

the purchase and sale of high-quality timepieces and fine jewelry secondhand.

Some stations of the brothers were among others, the company "Sinn Spezialuhren"

in Frankfurt (in those days under Helmut Sinn)., The own "Uhrenwerkstatt Heß" and 10 year business operation in the long-established shop "Juwelier Bauer" in Offenbach am Main

Since November 2015, you are now in the fresh atmosphere at "Hess Juwelier & Uhrmacher"

welcomed in Offenbach am Main / Bürgel.


We are looking forward to your visit !


education for machining mechanic specialized in turning technology at 4.6.1991

watchmaker education at 17.7.96




German Watchmaker Master Craftsman Certificate in 1998